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Downloads, Support and FAQ

Downloads, Support and FAQ

Find all important information about Tesla products.

Horsepower Measurements

Horsepower Measurements

The Gtech's ability to measure horsepower and torque is one of the product's most exciting features

Why G-Tech

Why G-Tech

There have been many attempts to copy the G-TECH over the years. Some from small companies some from big ones.

Gtech Pro SS technical Specifications

Gtech Pro SS technical Specifications

The Gtech Pro Performance Meter is a very sophisticated, cutting edge automotive tuning instrument.

Gtech Pro RR technical Specifications

Gtech Pro RR technical Specifications

The Gtech Pro Performance Meter is a very sophisticated, cutting edge automotive tuning instrument.

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TESLA Electronics TEU

GTech Pro RR Fanatic Precision Series

complete data acquisition EGS Series

GTech Pro RR Fanatic Precision Series rrFanatic
GTech Pro RR Fanatic Precision Series
complete data acquisition EGS Series
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324.00 €
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TESLA Electronics

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G-Tech_Manual_v3.0_May_2013 (pdf)


Precio: 324.00 €

The ultimate of all Performance Meters. All of the features of the SS Model plus its equipped with a Micro SD card and is capable of recording hours of on-track data along with lap-times and segment times for improving driver performance.

G-TECH is the easiest, most effective way to measure the performance of your car before and after modifications. It's a dedicated-hardware device specificaly designed for vehicle-dynamics testing.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that comes close to the same "bang for buck" when you want to know the truth about your car. Sure, you can go to the dyno or to the track. But not whenever you want to. Not to mention, everytime you go, you pay.

With this new High-Frequency GPS Technology the accuracy and the consistency is so superb that we encourage you to compare the results to your favorite track or dyno. If you are not blown away by how great it is, just send it back, no questions asked.

Lap-times and segment-times without beacons!
When you get to the track just push the RECORD button at the start line,

G-TECH will do the rest. As you drive it will start giving you accurate lap times. Yes, its 10Hz GPS engine is really that good!
You actually don't have to look at the G-TECH to see if you were faster in a given lap segment. The entire screen inverts and can be seen with peripherial vision without ever taking the eyes of the road. Human mind can recognize shapes much faster than numerical values. So a quick glance at the "thumbs-up" symbol will show you how much faster you were by how much it's filled up. Only the information you need when you need it!

Immediate REAL-TIME REPLAY, no downloading necessary!
Real-Time Replay screen shows the map of the track and the cursor indicates where your car was on the track at that time. Current Acceleration, Braking G's, Speed and Lap# are displayed on the top of the screen. Replay can be sped-up or slowed down with the ROLLER button. Current replay speed is indicated by the Play indicator. You can also jump laps at any given moment so it's easy to see what you did differently compared to the fast lap. It's so powerful, yet so easy to learn, not to mention fun!

High-Frequency GPS (10Hz)

GPS engine and antenna are built-in. This makes the new generation G-TECH/Pro much more user-friendly and it’s a lot easier to get accurate results. For example, you no longer have to do all your measurements from a stand-still. You could be driving along and decide to gun-it and it will automatically give you delivered Horsepower and torque for that run.

Experience is the name of the game here.

We have spent last 20 years on the race-tracks and drag strips, testing, tuning and comparing our equipment against other measurement methods. You could say that we are performance measurement fanatics. Hence, the name of this new G-TECH/Pro is FANATIC Precision Series.

Rugged, durable design.

G-TECH is made with an advanced polymer called Santoprene. It's a rubberized material capable of withstanding severe vibrations and 350 degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures. As you know, it gets hot under the windshield in a summer day.

Built tough, built to last.

Fasteners are considered "stress raisers" so there are no screws anywhere in the G-TECH. All of the internal components are floating and secured inside Santoprene.

Proven suction-cup mount

is designed to generate increased vacuum capable of holding over 100lb.

Immediate answers.

You can "snap" the G-TECH in and out of the mounting cradle in a simple split-second action. This way you can have it in your hands when reviewing the runs. G-TECH is all about seeing the results right away while it's all still fresh in your mind. This way you can relate the cars behaviour and the conditions to the actual results.

High-Resolution Graphics LCD display

High-Resolution Graphics LCD display is capable of displaying graphs in a similar resolution to a dyno-plot. The new-generation LCD technology has a super-high contrast and the colour of the backlight can be adjusted to match any cars lighting.

Control Module deataches from main unit.

You will find this convenient especially when strapped in a 5-point racing harness. Having it mounted on a shifter, for example, will allow you to control the unit without reaching for it. It uses a regular 8-pin Network (Ethernet, Cat-5) cable which is available in any electronics store.
During normal driving you can display current speed, G-force or horsepower. The arrow shows the direction of G-forces. Yes, G-TECH is a super-accurate GPS speedo with fast update rate for your boat as well. Major results like 0-60mph, 1/8 & 1/4mile ETs, horsepower, braking distance etc. are automatically displayed in big easy-to-read numbers.
You can display a graph for any of the measurements like this horsepower and torque vs rpm. It sure beats going to the dyno every time! And it's super-accurate! Display of speed vs time will give you 0-60mph time or increasingly popular 0-100-0mph time. You can even get passing times like 40-60mph for example

Any track, no mater how simple, can be mastered only if...

divided in to segments. That's how the pros do it. By getting immediate feedback after each segment you can memorize the mechanical movements and then combine them all in to that fast lap. Up until now, this was possible only if you had telemetry, radio communication and a crew chief to tell you how you were doing. Now, the new G-TECH brings all that into one simple, rugged device..

With High-Frequency GPS it's possible for G-TECH to work on...

circle tracks, road courses (race tracks), time trails, off-road, autocross/SOLO, Rally racing, hill-climbs and more. For circle tracks and road courses you only need to push the button once for Start/Finish line. For hill-climbs, off-road and rally courses you push the button at the start and then at the finish line. Until now, G-TECH couldn't work on motorcycles or boats due to accelerometer limitations but now it works on anything that moves!

There are more elaborate data-acquisition systems out there, but...

more often than not, that data is wasted because most users don't have an engineer to decipher it in real time and provide feedback. If you analyse the data at home, it has limited value because it's impossible to relate it to the conditions and events that were taking place on the track. It's best to see it immediately, right then and there.

After spending years on race-tracks, racing and testing I realised...

that the best area to improve my time on the track was actually me, the driver. So I designed a product that uses the latest technology to help anyone, become a better driver and improve their lap-times. This new generation finally accomplishes what I always wanted G-TECH to be! So, please, enjoy it!

Jovo Majstorovic
CEO of TESLA Electronics,
SCCA PRO driver and vehicle-testing veteran with over 20 years of experience
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